ROCKWOOL® offers competitive solutions for firesafe, sound and thermal insulation on-board. SeaRox® products combines most of the seven strengths of stone:
Fire-resilience: Withstands temperatures above 1000°C.
Thermal properties: Saves energy by maintaining optimum indoor temperature and climate.
Acoustic capabilities: Blocks, absorbs, or enhances sound.
Robustness: Longer-lasting performance and robustness with easier installation.
Aesthetics: Matches performance with aesthetics.
Water properties: When engineered to repel water, stone wool can defend valuable industrial equipment for CUI.
Circularity: Reusable and recyclable material.

Overview of products:

Comfort Insulation
SeaRox® MA 7000 ALU
SeaRox® SL 720
SeaRox® MA 720 ALU
SeaRox® SL 740
SeaRox® MA 740 ALU

Acoustic Insulation
SeaRox® Acoustic Foil
SeaRox® SL 320
SeaRox® SL 340
SeaRox® SL 340 TB

Outfitting Insulation
SeaRox® SL 436
SeaRox® SL 440
SeaRox® SL 480

Fire-safe Insulation
SeaRox® FB 6020
SeaRox® FM 6030 ALU
SeaRox® FB 6040
SeaRox® FM 6040 ALU
SeaRox® FB 6050
SeaRox® SL 620
SeaRox® SL 640
SeaRox® SL 660
SeaRox® WM 620
SeaRox® WM 640
SeaRox® WM 660

Thermal Insulation
ProRox® WM 950
SeaRox® LM 900 ALU
ProRox® PS 960
ProRox® PS 960 ALU


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