• Especially low-frequency noise reduction and a constant increase in performance as the frequency increases, with no dips within the speech range.
  • As a floor or wall panel..
  • High strength and flexibility
  • Approved by Exova Warrington Fire according to;

EN 45545-2:2013 (R10) HL3.Soundeck is producing from 150 kg / m. to 2300 kg / m. of density core material with long-lasting adhesive system between first class okume, tetra, birch or exotic RINA approved plywood marine plywood.

  • As a standard 1250 mm and 2500 mm in size 12, 16, 20, 22 mm in thickness is produced. Other thicknesses are optional.
  • It has no toxic gas in contents.
  • CNC processing machines, etc. can be applied easily.
  • The surface is suitable for sanding and polishing.


SOUNDECK® is a laminated acoustic panel, which provides higher noise reduction than commonly used materials such as plywood or composite panels. With two layers marine plywood(generally use okoume ply) laminated each side of a constrained acoustic layers (Soundeck Heavy Mass Core ,ACM17 and ACM 15).

SOUNDECK® heavy mass core material is bitumen free and non toxic. ACM17 and ACM15 rubbercork core materials are produced by AMORIM Cork Composites.

SOUNDECK® behaves as a balanced constrained layer, significantly reducing noise transmission through decks, bulkheads, floors and partitions, while increasing guest privacy between cabins.



Compressor rooms, pump-rooms with air conditioning units and elevator motors, the noise is a common problem in all areas used for sound insulation and excellent acoustic efficiency is obtained.


Noise transmission between floors in the building can be used as the floor panel to provide sound insulation between rooms used as the wall panel. Optionally, a side of the plasterboard panels, so that MgO panel betopanel also produced and is easier to use.


Trains, light rail, tram and subway cars used as the base floor wood. Rails and vibration-induced noise does not allow the vehicle to pass into.

Yachts and Boats & Watercraft 

Floating floor around the floor and walls of the engine room is used for noise isolating. In addition, using the inter-departmental sound insulation in the cabin compartment is provided. Excellent acoustics and noise suppression feature and sea vehicles in order to increase their comfort.


SOUNDECK® is bonded waterproof adhesive. The used gluings are classified to low issue of formaldehyde (Class E1 in according to EN 1084). The constancy against cold and hot water has been checked under test conditions.

SOUNDECK® and the used plywood are glued weatherproof. Also used PU adhesive for cold press applications.


The sound-absorption-measure Rw is as certained according to ISO 140-4. The measurement includes a range of frequency of 100 to 5000 Hz which is nearly correspond-ing to the perceptible spectrum of human beings. For the ascertainment of the valued sound-absorbency measure Rw the IS0 717-1 considers values including 3150 Hz.

The preferred thickness of boards for railway and commer-cial vehicles industry varies between 16 and 22 mm. The valued sound-absorption-measure Rw for SOUNDECK® with e¡ective thickness of 16 and 22 mm is 40 dB. Used in conjunction with Regufoam or Sylomer, as a float-ing interior,the use of SOUNDECK® significantly lowers noise and vibration levels within the vessel interior in the most weight efficient manner.

The acoustically e¡ective heavy or rubber cork centre absorbs vibration energy and prevents that SOUNDECK® reflects air sonic.