Excellent vibration damping ratio. Damping Loss Factor is greater than 0,1. Even on vertical surfaces, easily enables the application. High strength and flexibility, due to longlasting. Two version of the product for easy application purposes of Vertical and horizontal surfaces. Versions of the product depend on the surface. Typically 6 kg of Component A and 1 kg of component B are o‡ered in 7 kg sets. Optimum pot life time for each type of application environment. Applicated surface is suitable for sanding.

Yachts and Mega-yachts Tug Boats Military Vessels Utility Boats Commercial Ships Railway Systems and on all mechanical noise of all surfaces…
Vibration damping technology is used on yachts, ships and other marine vehicles to reduce high levels of vibration into a lower level or to eliminate all. This is one eƒective way of passive noise control methods. Vibration damping materials are applied to the surface of the source of noise that spreads by vibration wave on the yachts and ships. This vibration waves are spreading unpredictable surfaces on boats to find any weak point to resonate and creates air-wave of noise.  DAMPASTE® vibration damping system formulated in 3 layer sandwich. The first layer is the ship or boat’s application surface, The second layer is DAMPASTE® viscoelastic layer of film and the third and final layer is the vibration plate (constraint layer). This vibration damping system works by lowering vibration and converting the energy of the source into very low  heat, and the rest of the vibration energy travels the vibration plates by resonating and losing it’s energy. DAMPASTE® works excellent specifically on surfaces thicker than 6,0 mm for vibration damping. For example, on yachts’ bare aluminum surface damping loss factor is 0,006 while using DAMPASTE® this coecient raises up to 0,1.
DAMPASTE® viscoelastic damping has high damping coe¡cient. 0,1 damping factor means 20 dB of lowering noise in environment. Directly applicable to any surface such as metal,composite and plastic and DAMPASTE® is resistant to oil, diesel . sea water; with a excellent adhesion quality to the surface. Depending on the application surface; a constraint layer (steel or aluminum vibration plates) is easily applied. Currently, over 100 yacht or vessel has DAMPASTE® vibration damping system. In the beginning of building ship or yacht building, you can supply comfort by applying DAMPASTE®.
Pre-treatment of surface:
Aluminium and stainless steel to be painted with wash primer. Steel to be sand blasted or painted. Before use the A and B components shall be thoroughly mixed together. Observe that the pot life after mixing is about 30 minutes. After mixing the DAMPASTE® may be trowelled out to specified thickness and the constraining metal sheet laid down in the wet layer. For vertical applications the constraining layer must be supported during the drying time.
DAMPASTE® Vibration damping system, should be applied under control of the manufacturer’s noise control engineers, or shipyard’s engineers in the implementation of places where it is necessary to dampen vibration and noise sources. 
The following information is to explain basic rules of DAMPASTE® Vibration damping system application on all surfaces: 70 % of application surface should be covered by dampaste vibration damping system. No application on stieners and angled surfaces Application plates should be 3 cm away stieners or angled surfaces. Vibration plates (constraint layer) should not be smaller than 200X200mm sizes. No need to apply DAMPASTE® vibration damping system if Total area of the surface is less than 40 cm… Please apply only 1 vibration plate on 300X300 mm surfaces.
No application on welded corners or surfaces. Do not use welding after application of DAMPASTE® Vibration System. If it’s used, please apply the system again.
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As it is seen from the Autoresponse graphics, the dampaste has at least %10 damping in all frequency domain. Besides, the time envelope has a great indication, how the dampaste damps the vibration plate rapidly compared with the reference metal plate.