Regufoam® BSW

Regufoam Vibration Overview
Regufoam® vibration is a mixed-cell polyurethane foam, developed and engineered for vibration and structure-borne sound isolation. It is available in 12 unique types, each for a specific load range. Regufoam vibration offers outstanding internal damping and low frequency isolation at minimal deflection. This material comes in standard thicknesses of 25 mm (1") and 12.5 mm (½") and can be installed in multiple layers to achieve total thicknesses of 37.5 mm (1 ½"), 50 mm (2") or more.
Supplied dimensions:
Rolls, each 59" x 16.4' (1,500 x 5,000 mm)
Sheets, each 59" x 3.3' (1,500 x 1,000 mm)